How do I clean my hands if 3D magic gel gets on them?
Wash with soap and water, repeat if necessary.
How do I remove 3D magic gel from clothing?  
Wash in warm water and laundry detergent.
If I get 3D magic gel on my molds or stencils and want to remove it, what do I do?   
Place you mold or stencil into the 3D Maker, press the on button.  Once the light turns off, peel the 3D magic gel from the stencil and its clean and ready to use over and over!
How do I clean 3D Magic gel from Carpets, fabric or hardwood floors?  
Use warm water, a sponge or clean cloth and mild soap.  Dap the area gently and let dry.  
Repeat if necessary.     
When I make my 3D design and it breaks, can I fix it?  
Yes,  take the 3D magic gel and fill the area that has broken or come apart.  Place the design into the 3D Maker, Press the on button.  When the lights go out, open the door and your design is completely fixed.
Can I mix colors?  
Yes,  you can mix and add colors together before you place your design into the 3D maker.   
Can I layer colors?  
Yes,  take your first color in your design and place it into the 3D Maker,  press the on button.  Once the light goes out, take your design out and add your next color.  Repeat this process until you have the colored design your want to create.
How do I store the 3D magic gels?  
Always place the 3D gel back into their caps (even during play)  Store your gels out of Sunlight in a cool area until the next time.

Can I play with the 3D Maker outside?  
For best results,  3D Maker should be played with indoors.  The contact with direct sunlight can affect the 3D magic gels.

If I fill a Stencil or Mold with 3D magic gel and leave it out, will it dry?  
Yes, natural light will cause the gel to harden eventually. The stencils and molds are made of a special material that does not stick to the gel.
Where do I get more 3D Magic gels?  
Go to  www.tech4kidsdirect.com